The power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM brings true business process automation to your organization. Whether your organization is new to CRM, or just new to Dynamics CRM, sustaining automated processes like Sales Force Automation, Business Process Automation, or a custom Line of Business and xRM Solutions, training with CRM for Evolve 365 means being able to navigate standard application features and realtime learning of features and functionalities that will make end-users more self-sufficient. This is a foundational step to realizing the power of automation, reporting, and your critical business data.

Let CRM for Evolve 365 make it easier on your business by providing videos and customized “playlists,” ensuring users have access to the latest and most relevant content whenever they need it.

Planet Trusted Advisors will work with you to develop customized “playlists” that bundle videos together for a specific job role or product features, and are repeatable ways of getting your team more productive. These can be developed anywhere and anytime for any application. If you are using CRM to manage a diverse sales team, track all your sales and marketing activities, or build out a custom business process, CRM for Evolve 365 provides the training your organization needs.

CRM for Evolve 365 Includes:
Training Videos

Training designed to educate your users on the specific features and tools within CRM, allowing them to easily adapt to new and updated processes over time. For times that you need additional training on processes or applications, custom training can be developed for your specific business applications. With over 28,000 titles in our full video library, here are a few:

  • Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Overview
  • Master the Basics in Dynamics 365 for Customer Service
  • Using Advanced Find in Dynamics 365 for Marketing
Virtual Classes

In addition to having on-demand training videos, CRM for Evolve 365 includes various training courses and Skill Tracks, designed to walk users through specific processes and step procedures. With 100’s of classes available, here are names of a few:

  • Getting Started with Dynamics CRM
  • Understanding Our Sales Process
  • Record Customer Communications in Three Clicks
Dedicated Trusted Advisor

Throughout your Evolve 365 subscription, your Trusted Advisor will guide you in the development and design of meaningful user courses and playlists, as well as provide you with technology updates coming to Dynamics CRM. A few of the benefits of working with a Planet Trusted Advisor are:

  • Custom Course and Playlist Support
  • Adoption Campaigns & Learning Paths
  • Continuous Office 365 Roadmap Education & Mentoring
Customized Line of Business Application Training

This custom feature allows you to develop non-standard training on both the technology and business process within your application.

  • Videos Customized for you business specific Apps & Services
  • Easy Compliance Reporting & Management
  • Common Examples
    • Fleet Management Solutions
    • Vehicle Management