Champions within your agency are passionate about technology and naturally curious about how it can improve everyday tasks. They are often the first person that their department or group goes to for help and the most eager to adopt any new technology. When connected with like-minded people, Champions impact and drive change within their circle of influence.

Leveraging the strength of your Champions, our solution is designed to create an interactive learning environment. Your Planet Learning Strategist will work directly with up to 100 users that you select and identify, developing a trusted relationship with them.

We partner with you to:

  • Facilitate channels for Champions to use new technology
  • Brainstorm new approaches to solving everyday business problems
  • Unite Champions completing similar projects
  • Train Champions to educate their circle of influence

Why do you need a Champions Program?

Champions are essential to the agency to drive awareness and education around new technology. Without engagement from users, the scope of your impact is very limited. When you are expand your voice and empower others with your message you are able to drive adoption even farther within the agency.

The Champion’s Role

Champions should be aware of the technology available to them and educated on how it should be used. Champions will help identify areas within the agency where technology could be used for both cost and resource savings. By partnering with other Champions, learning new technologies and assess problems from a new perspective, they will undoubtedly uncover new ways to further transform existing business process. When properly empowered, the role of a Champion is to use technology as a change agent within the agency while encouraging others to embrace digital transformation.

What is included?

Your dedicated Learning Strategist will work directly with your Champions to provide the following services:

  • Monthly User Group Meeting
  • Weekly Coaching Hours
  • Train the Trainer Sessions
  • Customized Learning Campaigns

The Benefits of Champion’s Program

  • End User Satisfaction
  • Increased Productivity
  • Transition from On-Demand to Lifelong Learning
  • Expanded Messaging Scope
  • Quicker Adoption of New Technologies