An internal champions program is a crucial investment for organizations looking to stay ahead in today’s competitive business landscape.

According to Gartner, companies that prioritize technology investment and skills development are three times more likely to outperform their peers. The fast pace of technological change means that employees must be proficient in the latest tools and technologies in order to remain productive and competitive. By empowering a select group of employees to serve as technical champions, organizations can not only boost their overall efficiency and effectiveness, but also foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. These champions serve as role models, providing guidance and support to their colleagues as they work to improve their own technology skills and drive positive change within the organization. In fact, Gartner reports that organizations with strong internal champion programs experience a 20% increase in employee satisfaction and a 15% increase in productivity.

While it is possible for an organization to develop an internal champions program on its own, working with a partner offers numerous benefits that can help ensure the program’s success.

Planet Technologist Learning Strategist bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, having worked with a variety of organizations, departments, and agencies to design and implement effective technical champions programs. They can provide valuable insights and recommendations based on best practices and industry trends, helping to craft a program that is tailored to specific needs, goals and user personas. A Planet Technologist Learning Strategist also has access to a wide range of resources and tools, including training materials, learning management systems, and assessment tools, that can be leveraged to create a comprehensive and engaging learning experience for the champions. Furthermore, a Planet Technologist Learning Strategist establishes metrics and KPIs for the program, allowing the program to measure its effectiveness and make any necessary adjustments to improve over time. By working with Planet, you can be confident you are making the most of your investment in an internal champions program and positioning yourself for long-term success.

What is included?

Your dedicated Learning Strategist will work directly with your Champions to provide the following services:

  • Monthly User Group Meeting
  • Weekly Coaching Hours
  • Train the Trainer Sessions
  • Customized Learning Campaigns

The Benefits of Champion’s Program

  • End users are able to learn about the latest tools and technologies, improving their proficiency and increasing their productivity.
  • Technical champions serve as role models and resources for other employees, providing guidance and support as they work to improve their technology skills.
  • By continuously learning and improving their technology skills, end users are able to feel more confident and competent in their jobs, leading to increased job satisfaction.
  • The champions program provides a support network for end users, helping to address any technology-related questions or issues they may encounter.
  • By being exposed to new technologies and ideas, end users are able to bring new and innovative solutions to their work.