Evolve-365-Free-TrialJust like there is diversity in the workforce – there is diversity in  learning styles.  Evolve 365 is built to embrace different styles and offer proven training solutions for every learning style.


With over 28,000 videos available on demand, Evolve 365 has the most in-depth resource library on the market.  From beginner to novice – solutions are available right when you need them. Users can use the library to browse through specific content and subject areas to find the content they are most interested in.


From any page in the knowledge center a user can enter a search term and immediately be directed to videos based on their query. Within the search results users can easily apply filters helping them quickly pinpoint the exact information they are looking for.

Skill Tracks

Skill Tracks are packaged content based around a particular subject or activity.  They are designed to help you get a complete learning experience in a self-paced experience.  You can choose to enroll in a skill track based on your preferences and desired outcome, or you can be assigned mandatory skill tracks based on the organizations goals.  Our most popular Skill Tracks include:

  • Office 365: Master the Basics
  • Office 365: Outlook Online: Get Started and Explore the Basics
  • Windows 10: Great New Features in Windows 10

Guided Learning Paths

For users that aren’t really sure where to get started, Guided Learning Paths have been designed to help them quickly access the types of information that will be most beneficial to them.   Guided Learning Paths cover everything from just getting started to completing advanced operations and are designed to help you develop additional skills at your own pace.  Some examples of Guided Learning Paths include:

  • Getting Started
  • Navigating the Basics
  • Learning to Collaborate
  • Innovating New Solutions