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Now in development for Modern SharePoint sites – Hub owners can analyze aggregate usage analytics for their SharePoint hub sites, including all associated sites. Going to the site usage page for a hub site will automatically display usage data (including total visits, unique viewers, top sites, popular content) for all associated sites in the hub.

In Development

Outlook for iOS: Work and personal contact separation

When creating a new email and new calendar event in either your work/school or personal account, contact suggestions will be separated through a new user experience to ensure the correct contact is selected based on user intent.

ID: 56758    Tags: Outlook – Education, GCC, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), GCC High, DoD   Release: April CY2020

Cumulative analytics for Hubs in SharePoint

Hub owners can now analyze aggregate usage analytics for their SharePoint hub sites, including all associated sites. Going to the site usage page for a hub site will automatically display usage data (including total visits, unique viewers, top sites, popular content) for all associated sites in the hub.

ID: 57160    Tags: SharePoint – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)   Release: Q1 CY2020

Office 365 ATP, Secure by Default: Do not Allow for domains that fail authentication

We see lots of cases where configuration of our protection stack has enabled malicious content to be inadvertently delivered to end users. We’re working on a few features that will help address this problem. The second phase of this is blocking domains that fail authentication. The Antispam policy allows administrators to “Allow” domains regardless of the reputation of the domain. We’re changing our policies to not honor Allow rules when the domain fails authentication. This can be resolved by either addressing the authentication concerns with the sender domain, or adding a transport rule to allow the domain.

ID: 62398    Tags: O365, Microsoft Information Protection – All environments Release: April CY2020

SharePoint Integrations with Power Automate and Power Apps to GCC-High Tenants

In this update, we are enabling you and your users to create/manage custom flows with Power Automate and custom forms/apps with Power Apps for SharePoint lists and libraries in the GCC-High environment.

ID: 62437    Tags: SharePoint – GCC High   Release: Q2 CY2020

SharePoint and OneDrive: Navigation update for narrow screens

In SharePoint and OneDrive we are making a change for narrow screens to the location of the navigation hamburger menu. You will now find the hamburger menu in the header area for your site and command bar for files instead of in the suite bar.

ID: 62448    Tags: SharePoint – All environments   Release: March CY2020

Office 365 ATP Request Release workflow

We’ve added a way for end users to triage quarantined phish messages. We understand that managing false positives is important to ensuring email is delivered appropriately, and in the past, end users weren’t granted access to the quarantine to view messages. We’ve introduced an option to grant end users read-only access to the quarantine to view quarantined messages and request that an admin release messages to the inbox.

ID: 62449    Tags: O365, Microsoft Information Protection – All environments   Release: March CY2020

Quarantine – Custom Policy and Folder

Previously, quarantine behavior was configured through each individual filtering policy. To reduce complexity, we’ve moved new and existing quarantine parameters into a standalone Quarantine policy.

ID: 62450    Tags: O365, Microsoft Information Protection – All environments   Release: March CY2020

Rolling Out

Risky IP for Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) extranet lockout protection | Public Preview

Risky IP is a feature in Azure Active Directory Connect Health for ADFS. Depends on the threshold setup from the portal, Connect Health will notify admins if there are potential IP attacks through ADFS. With Extranet Lockout feature, ADFS will “stop” authenticating the “malicious” user account from outside for a period of time. This prevents your user accounts from being locked out in Active Directory. In addition to protecting your users from an AD account lockout, AD FS extranet lockout also protects against brute force password guessing attacks. The whole IP address list can also be exported from the Connect Health Portal. To get started, visit our documentation today!

ID: 33729    Tags: Azure Active Directory – NA  Release: Q2 CY2019

Roadmap and the new Project for Education coming soon!

We are pleased to announce the upcoming roll out of the reimagined Microsoft Project and Roadmap to our Education customers. Redesigned from the ground up, Project provides a simpler, fresh and intuitive user experience. You can quickly build a team by adding new members and setting up tasks easily, and then effortlessly shift views between grids, boards and timeline (Gantt charts) to track progress. Roadmap enables you to aggregate your different projects into a visual and interactive view to stay on top of work being done across your organization.

ID: 43892    Tags: Project – Education Release: Q3 CY2020

Multilingual page publishing for Modern SharePoint.

Customers can now create, publish and consume modern SharePoint pages/news in multiple languages.

ID: 50217    Tags: SharePoint – All environments   Release: March CY2020

Manage organization access to Project for the web

Turn on or off Project for the web for your organization through a new lever found in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

ID: 60644    Tags: Project – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)   Release: Q3 CY2020

Device Management support for Collaboration Bars

We are adding support for managing Collaboration Bars in Teams Admin Center. Admin users will have the capability to manage “Collaboration Bar” devices from Teams Admin Center. Also, to accommodate newer device types, we have re-aligned the interface under the Devices tab. The arrangement is done to ensure the revised UI is simpler to navigate and extensible. Now, the left pane will show all the device types: Phones, Teams Rooms, Collaboration Bars. IT admins will be able to create configuration profiles for individual device types. Phones will be further classified into desk phones, common area phones, and conference phones, and shown separately in the UI.

ID: 62446    Tags: Microsoft Teams – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant) Release: March CY2020


SharePoint – Web part: PowerApps

Add any PowerApp to any SharePoint modern page, regardless of data source.

ID: 16117    Tags: SharePoint – All environments   Release: Q2 CY2018

Microsoft Teams – Broadcast Meetings

This is one of the SfB meeting capabilities coming to Teams to enable large townhall-style meetings with Microsoft Teams. This feature is targeted for availability by Q2 CY 2019. Now called “Live Events” in Microsoft Teams.

ID: 24216    Tags: Microsoft Teams – NA   Release: Q1 CY2019

Outlook for Android: Access Group notebook

Launch the Group’s OneNote notebook from the Group card in Outlook for Android.

ID: 27391    Tags: Outlook – NA   Release: Q4 CY2018

Outlook for Windows: Your ribbon icons have a new look

New icons built with crisp, clean lines and new colors render and scale well on screens of all sizes.

ID: 31519    Tags: Outlook – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)   Release: Q3 CY2018

Microsoft Bookings – Email confirmations customization

Bookings administrators can now add URLs and rich text in confirmation emails sent to their customers.

ID: 32787    Tags: Bookings – Education, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)   Release: Q4 CY2018

New Help and Support pane from the Office 365 navbar

The new and improved help and support pane provides contextual help on top issues, access to the latest support information, and the ability for admins to customize the pane with their company’s helpdesk information. The same services that power help and support in Office desktop clients, are now extended to the web. You can see this today in the new Outlook in the web that is available to Targeted Release organizations. It will be coming to more Office 365 web apps over the next six months, starting with

ID: 42268    Tags: O365 – All environments   Release: Q4 CY2018

SharePoint web part: code snippet

The Code Snippet web part allows authors to share code snippets, with correct syntax, for many commonly supported development languages, on their modern pages.

ID: 43780    Tags: O365, SharePoint – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)   Release: Q4 CY2018

New Outlook on the web – Tasks pane

We are adding an easier way to add and manage your tasks in Outlook on the web. You will be able to access a Tasks pane right in your Mail or Calendar, and you can drag and drop emails in it to create a task, manage your tasks in it, or open it in Calendar and drag and drop a task to your Calendar to create an event. Your tasks sync with the To-Do mobile app, so you can manage your tasks on the go. This is only rolling out to Targeted Release customers.

ID: 44211    Tags: Exchange – Education, GCC, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)   Release: Q1 CY2019

SharePoint sites: view and apply site designs from within site

We are providing a new site setting to view any applied site designs and apply additional ones – from within the sites themselves. The new site setting option is for site owners to display a new site design information panel. If any site designs have been published to the tenant, they will be displayed in the picker. Only site owners and site collection administrators have access to invoke this panel – and it respects any additional scopes on the published site designs, so only those available to the viewer will be displayed. If any sites designs have been applied to the site, they will also be displayed and can be selected to view what changes were applied.

ID: 44327    Tags: O365, SharePoint – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)s   Release: Q4 CY2018

Microsoft Bookings – booking page search indexability

We are adding a user control in their booking page so they can select when their page can be indexed by search engines. The default behavior stays the same, pages will be indexed by default but users/page admins will have the ability to turn it off.

ID: 45941    Tags: Bookings – Education, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)   Release: Q1 CY2019

SharePoint Admin Center Experience Updates

The SharePoint Admin Center experience will default to the modern experience. Tenants will continue to have the ability to switch back to the classic admin center experience as needed.

ID: 46375    Tags: SharePoint – NA   Release: Q1 CY2019

Outlook for Windows: Set and share your Focused Inbox preference

Your preference to use Focused Inbox is stored in the cloud so your experience is consistent when you access Outlook for Windows and Outlook on the web on any computer.

ID: 46613    Tags: None Provided – NA   Release: Q1 CY2019

Admin center support updates, including full page ticket history view and callback scheduling

Microsoft 365 support is designed to be effective, efficient, and transparent to ensure a high-quality experience. We read every piece of feedback you submit and base our product roadmap on the most requested features. We hope the new support features coming soon to the Microsoft 365 admin center will help reduce time to resolution and improve the overall transparency and effectiveness of the support process. These features include: • Full page ticket history- Review all communications with support directly from the admin center. • Resolution steps- Immediately view service request resolution steps. These details will only show up for service requests that have been created after the new experience has been deployed. • Callback scheduling- Receive support directly from Microsoft on your schedule with the ability to request a call from support at a specific time. Add attachments and notes to your support ticket to provide context. • User defined case severity- Define the severity of your issue (Premier A/B/C and Unified is critical/non-critical) to quickly receive the appropriate level of support. Sev A/Critical is limited to Phone cases as this provides you with the fastest option to address the issue at hand. • Case History export- Export all cases that were created in the past 13 months. • Description character limit increased to 2500 characters- Provide a more detailed description. With this change, the search box will decrease in size as we have now added a larger description box. • Intelligent self-serve solutions- Receive immediate help from an automated assistant and find better solutions with improved search, powered by machine learning. Solutions will keep improving as you use them and will draw from an ever-increasing repository including but not limited to service health dashboard, support articles, and diagnostic wizards. • Updated Service Request view- Visualize where you are at in the life cycle of the service request.

ID: 46725    Tags: O365, Admin Center – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)   Release: Q1 CY2019

Automated Incident Response for compromised user accounts

We’re adding a new playbook for automated investigation and remediation of compromised user accounts. With the new playbook for detecting compromised users, security teams can automatically identify, mitigate, and contain threats due to these user accounts, reducing potential damages significantly. The playbook will trigger automatic investigations for users with abnormal sending patterns or users restricted from sending email. The playbook will also provide valuable insights into: • How the user was compromised???if the user clicked on a bad link or it changed state, or if the user performed some malicious activity, such as sending phish or malware. • What they did after that???for example, if they set up delegates or mail forwarding rules or changed other settings • What actions the security team performed???such as cleaning up malicious messages, investigating URLs that changed verdict, removing delegates and inbox rules, and so on.

ID: 55742    Tags: O365, Exchange – All environments   Release: March CY2020

Collaboration just got easier: Real time co-authoring now available in Visio for the web

With the introduction of co-authoring, you and your collaborators with a Visio Plan 1 or Visio Plan 2 subscription can now co-create and edit diagrams simultaneously using Visio for the web. See your co-authors’ edits as they happen and stay updated as the ideas evolve on canvas.

ID: 59447    Tags: None Provided – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)   Release: Q1 CY2020

Kaizala – Consent for Custom Actions

Users will be presented with a consent dialog asking for their permission to continue using the custom action. The consent dialog would be shown for all custom actions. After the user has given consent for a custom action, the permission is not asked again for that action.

ID: 59705    Tags: None Provided – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)   Release: Q1 CY2019


Outlook for Android: Time to leave notifications

Powered by Cortana, get notifications of the time to leave for meeting in Outlook Calendar based on your location and traffic whether you’re driving or taking public transportation.

ID: 16032    Tags: Outlook – Education, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)   Release: Q4 CY2019

Usage reports update: new Office Extensibility Add-Ins report

New report in the Office 365 usage dashboard. We continue to update the usage reports to provide you with a complete picture of how your organization is using Office 365. We’re adding a new Office Extensibility Add-Ins report that will help you understand hO365, Admin Center – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)ow your organization leverages Office Add-Ins.

ID: 16816    Tags: None Provided – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)   Release: Q4 CY2019

Outlook Calendar – new APIs

This items has been replaced by roadmap item 53084. New capabilities will be available so you can better manage your organization’s resources. SetPlace cmdlet – This feature will let you update information about rooms and add metadata like what devices are in the room. This functionality is only available for admins and will be performed through an Exchange Online PowerShell cmdlet. The changes made to the rooms will sync into Azure Active Directory as well. Places – Get all the information about rooms and roomlist like devices, floor and capacity. Room Naming schema- Room names will now be auto generated based on attributes admins can set.

ID: 51358    Tags: Exchange – Education, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)   Release: Q3 CY2019

Add additional participants to meeting chats – DUPLICATE

This is being removed from the roadmap as it is a duplicate of entry ID 59664. Today in private meeting chat threads, user don’t have functionality to easily add more participants to chat. This feature will add an entry point “Add participants” in the meeting chat header and users who are already part of the chat thread will be able to add more users to the meeting chat using this feature. This functionality currently exist in group chat and it will work exactly the same way as group chat.

ID: 59386    Tags: O365, Microsoft Teams – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)   Release: Q4 CY2019