Evolve-365-Free-Trial-v2 Whether you are just getting started with Microsoft Office 365 or have already been using it, you will find that it is an extremely valuable solution that spans far beyond email, and can provide great value for your organization. Office 365 incorporates a number of products re-tooled (eg. SharePoint, Microsoft Teams) and new valuable services being added all the time (Clutter, Delve, Sway and more). The question is, how do you effectively adopt these solutions while keeping up with the evolving nature of the Office 365 itself? Evolve 365 is the answer.

As the most experienced Microsoft Office 365 partner in the United States; we have seen it all.

Two common themes we have discovered with our clients:

  • Office 365 is evolving fast, and it is difficult for organizations to keep up with the pace of change and continue to effectively educate their team.
  • Each client wants to adopt the various services Office 365 offers, but they often don’t know how to start AND there is a lack of good solutions in the market to help them.

With Evolve 365, we bring you the most well rounded team of Microsoft experts, proven tools and methodology, and experienced government knowledge on the planet.

The Evolve 365 team consists of two elite services partners working in tandem in delivering world class Microsoft customer service:

  • Planet Technologies, a Ten Time Microsoft Government Partner of the Year, Office 365 Partner of the Year and Microsoft Cloud Partner of the Year
  • Cherokee Nation Businesses, the largest Indian Nation in the US with more than 10,000 employees and some of the highest ratings for performance in Help Desk and other IT and strategic consulting for government organizations.

As organizations lean on the value of enterprise cloud based productivity solutions, like Office 365, we have heard the resounding call for access to immediate answers and help. That’s why with Evolve 365’s long history of supporting Microsoft Office applications, and having the premier Microsoft award winning partner for government behind you – you know the right team is in your corner to guarantee success.