Laying a Foundation Designed for Growth

Before launching new Office 365 to an entire agency, this specific agency wanted to complete a small pilot with specific set of users so that they could identify any pitfalls and plan for a smooth user transition. This allowed them to deploy a familiar tool (outlook) to the masses and then follow up with additional new features, such as OneDrive and Microsoft Teams, at a later date once they have more time to plan for long term user adoption and implementation.

Project Goals

  • Purchased Office 365 for 7,000 Users & Deployed Outlook
  • Ran a Pilot of 70 Users for OneDrive
  • Required User Training
  • Created Customized Learning Resources:
    • Learning Paths
    • Learning Email Campaigns

Project Wins & Highlights

  • 94% Completion for Required Learning Paths
  • Productivity Multiplier of .80 FTE
  • Over 150 Hours of Training Completed
  • 191 Completed Learning Paths

69 Users

102 Average Activities

151 Hours 36 Mins

Completed Training

What Your Usage Shows Us

Users are comfortable using what they always have – email. Your Outlook usage is very high compared to all other tools. People have been using email for years, so it is natural and easy for them to work with.

Learning, when personalized and customized for users specific needs will drive them to use new technologies over time. Targeted learning campaigns work on a specific topic, concept or tool, increasing usage over time. This is why we can see OneDrive usage trending up over time and we can see that the usage is from users who have completed learning activities.