Empowering users with Microsoft 365

Planet partnered with a local State Agency to help them deprecate multiple on-prem applications through migration to Microsoft 365. Project deliverables included detailed descriptions of available features, governance policies, etc. specific to environment, Compliance workshop encompassing discussion of capabilities, desired configurations, and overview of reporting and delegation models and End User Training & Readiness.

Project Goals

  • Empower and enable the users who made the M365 purchase & reducing on-prem applications
  • Get training for users so they can realize ROI
  • Generate value on the purchase
  • Establish a roadmap that can be publicized to the end user base

Project Wins & Highlights

  • Consistent growth in Microsoft 365 Usage for both Microsoft Teams and OneDrive
  • Productivity Multiplier of 1.75 FTE
  • Over 300 Hours of Training Completed
  • 169 Completed Learning Paths

1,307 Users

73 Average Activities

332 Hours 23 Mins

Completed Training

What the Data Shows Us

When we focused our training on a complete approach that included activities beyond traditional classroom training and added things such as Café Days, Training Webinars and Email Campaigns we were able to consistently message the value of technology to our users and show them how it could help them increase their daily productivity. This approach helped increase usage over time.


Since we were tracking what users were engaging with our adoption campaigns and activities, we were able to identify that the users who were driving the most use within Office 365 were also the users that were the most engaged. This shows the true ROI and impact of the learning activities completed within our OCM and Adoption programs.