Successful Online Training for Calloway County, KY School Teachers

Calloway County is known as a tight knit community and they pride themselves on providing a quality education for their youth. With virtual learning becoming the norm for teachers, staff and students, the teachers in Calloway County were struggling with balancing their in-person and online distance learning classes. Research showed that their students did not adjust well to the new teaching style and they were trying to figure out how to prevent the situation from getting worse. Planet Technologies Evolve 365 team worked with Calloway County to create a tailored Professional Development program focused on how teachers could fully utilize their Microsoft 365 products to meet the needs of all their students. This included training on OneNote to teach them how to create a virtual classroom experience, instructions on how to lead more engaging meetings on Microsoft Teams and how they could use these platforms as their go-to spot for important information. The Evolve 365 program also came with a Learning Strategist to assist with the process and ensure higher adoption rates and ultimate success.

Calloway County used the Planet Evolve 365 resources to help their teachers adopt the Office 365 products, implement them into their classroom and created bite-size instructional professional development videos. Within 7 months, the program had a 100% completion rate with users watching over 550 hours of content on the Evolve 365 platform. Users were able to retain the information they learned and effectively apply those lessons to their everyday work routine. With the help of Planet, Calloway County teachers are now able to use OneNote to post assignments, grades, and notes for their students.

Evolve 365 platform tracked their progress and showed the results of how well each teacher performed. Planet was able to increase the adoption rate and make the user experience for training much smoother. Calloway County is now equipped with the tools for their teachers to be successful in their hybrid classrooms. They plan on offering the Professional Development program to the rest of the schools in the county with expectation of having 100% success rate. As technology and education changes, Planet is always here to help keep your organization ahead of the curve.

“I’m glad that we had the Planet Learning Strategist. Having that person to stay on track with a number of things was so helpful. So glad they were there to help send info and templates to principals to help drive adoption, I think this helped in a huge way. Our teachers are all family. It’s a tight knit community.”

— Caleb Reinhardt, Calloway County Schools 

Adoption & Communication Plan Included

  • Evolve 365 Onboarding, Admin Training, Help Desk Training
  • Check-in with Learning Strategist (monthly)
  • Microsoft Teams/Teams EDU- Online Training Video Content & updates (weekly)
  • Microsoft Teams/Teams EDU- Customized Campaigns (unlimited)
  • Microsoft Teams/Teams EDU- Customized Learning & Adoption Plans (1/year)
  • Microsoft Teams/Teams EDU- Custom Learning Webcast (12/year)
  • Microsoft Teams/Teams EDU- Custom Training Playlists (12/year)
  • Microsoft Teams/Teams EDU- Adoption Reports (monthly)

Project Wins & Highlights

  • 100% completion of Professional Development Training by users
  • Learning Site Customized & Deployed within One Day
  • Almost 600 hours of content watched since September 2020
  • Roughly 5.68 hours of content watched per registered user

100 Users

48 Hours Avg. Time to Deploy

Over 450 Instructional

Microsoft Teams EDU Videos

Evolve 365 Examples

Below are several samples from this project that highlight hours users spend training on Evolve portal and how end users are using O365 applications after completing their training.

Almost 600 hours of content watched on the Evolve portal since September 2020 and 93% of registered users are regularly taking the Evolving 365 training.

Those taking the training are using much more of the O365 applications then those not taking any training.

The top 5 most viewed videos include Getting Started with Evolve 365, Microsoft Teams Feature Basics, Organize and Distribute Content in the Class Notebook and Getting Started with Class Notebooks.

The top 5 most viewed subjects on Evolve 365 include Microsoft Teams for EDU, Office 365, Calloway County custom training material, Microsoft Mobile Apps and Teams Online.