Why Security Awareness?

  • Phishing
  • CEO Fraud
  • Ransomware
  • Compliance

Planet’s Evolve 365 program now includes Security Awareness Training. This means transformational awareness and certification based on industry best practices and standards. This brings end user security, anti-phishing protection and compliance reporting together in a familiar training environment for your workforce. With an increased comfort level and usability, this engages your team and empowers them with better results, higher participation and better completion and adoption rates in Cybersecurity and Productivity Training.

Security Certification Made Easy

  • Integrated Security Awareness & Business Process Training
  • Consistent Evolve 365 Learning Experience & Navigation
  • One Platform, One Vendor, One Reporting Solution

The ease of having your business and cybersecurity training all on one platform cannot be overstated. Our studies show elevated completion and adoption rates across the board when your end users and workforce are familiar with the Evolve 365 models and have transitioned to become lifelong learners. The cybersecurity training is an easy and necessary add on to the system they are already using with success. The advantage for Managers and Team Leaders is equally impressive. One consistent user experience means – one system, one contract, one vendor, one renewal and one integrated reporting system.

Planet Technologies Now Offers Cybersecurity and Productivity Training in One Consistent User Experience

In a world growing with bad actors and cybersecurity attacks, Planet Technologies’ Evolve 365 program now offers advanced cybersecurity training for your workforce. 95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error according to the IBM Cybersecurity Intelligence Index. Security has always been a high priority but now more than ever cybersecurity has become a vital asset for any organization. With continuing COVID precautions and growing remote workforces becoming the norm, we have all been pushed to stay on top of our cybersecurity protocols. From phishing to malware attacks, bad actors are always coming up with new techniques to breach different networks. Millions of dollars are poured in cybersecurity training each year because your workplace is only secure as your workforce.