In Development

SharePoint: Video Webparts and Templates

New SharePoint video webparts and templates to enable users combine video with messaging and other media to tell their story on any page or news post.

ID:68715 Tags: SharePoint – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)   Release: February CY2021

Excel: Office Macro Runtime Integration with AMSI now includes Excel 4.0 macros

Antimalware Scan Interface (AMSI) integration with Office now also includes Excel 4.0 (XLM) macros. AMSI is an open interface available on Windows 10 for applications to request, at runtime, a synchronous scan of a memory buffer by an installed antivirus or security solution. When malicious activity is detected, the user is notified by Excel, and the application session is shut down to avoid any further damage. This can stop an attack in its tracks, protecting both the device and user.

ID:68917 Tags: Excel – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)  Release: February CY2021

OneDrive: 250 GB file size support in Microsoft 365

Users will be able to upload large file sizes up to 250 GB in OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams.

ID:70558 Tags: Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)   Release: February CY2021

Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Override Alerts

We’re introducing Override Alerts in Microsoft Defender for Office 365. With these new system alert policies, security admins will now be alerted if a message with a high confidence phish or malware verdict is delivered to a mailbox due a policy or configuration override rule.

ID:70567    Tags:– Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)  Release: January CY2021

Excel: Excel Trust Center – Adding a separate Macro Settings option to block Excel 4.0 (XLM) macros

A new Excel Trust Center settings option will be introduced to further restrict the usage of Excel 4.0 (XLM) macros. With this new macro settings option, choosing to disable XLM macros will no longer impact VBA macro settings. Previously, all of Excel’s macro settings configurations applied to both VBA and XLM macros. This update will not change users’ existing macro settings.

ID:70568    Tags: Excel – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)  Release: March CY2021

Microsoft Teams : Follow or Mute Conversations in GCC

This feature will empower users to have finer controls at a conversation thread level within a channel.

ID:70569 Tags: Microsoft Teams – GCC Release: February CY2021

Outlook: On The Web – New files Search In Compose Mode

You can now add files from OneDrive, SharePoint, and notes from sticky notes by using the / and getting suggestions from Outlook.

ID:70570 Tags: Exchange, Outlook – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)  Release: February CY2021

Microsoft Stream: Enhanced Video Discovery And Multi-Video Deletion For Video Admins In Stream (Classic)

New filter parameters to allow video admins discovery based on video type, created date, creator and view permissions. Multi-select and bulk delete capabilities for video admins to allow better storage management.

ID:70571    Tags: Microsoft Stream – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)  Release: March CY2021

Microsoft Teams: Large Gallery View And Together Mode For Web Meetings In Edge And Chrome Browsers

User can change layout to Together mode or Large gallery during a meeting in Edge or Chrome browsers.

ID:70573  Tags: Microsoft Teams – GCC, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)  Release: February CY2021

Microsoft Lists: Grid View Keyboard Improvements

When you edit in grid view (previously ‘Quick edit’), you will have a faster editing experience that adheres to greater levels of accessibility. Navigate across rows and columns using the tab key. Plus, pressing Enter enables you to edit that field. Clicking Enter on a new row saves the new item. And pressing the Esc key closes editor.

ID:70670  Tags: – GCC High, GCC, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), DoD Release: January CY2021

Microsoft Lists: Number Column Symbols

When leveraging a Number column, select common number symbols (dollar, euro, yen, percentage) or create a custom symbol, plus decide if you want the symbol to be on the left or right of the number.

ID:70671 Tags: – GCC High, GCC, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), DoD  Release: January CY2021

Microsoft Lists: Visual UI For Read-Only Fields

Lists fields will show people when a field is edit-only and screen reader support when a field is read-only.

ID:70672  Tags: – GCC High, GCC, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), DoD   Release: January CY2021

Microsoft Lists: Configure Person Column Profile Pictures

When using a Person column (for individuals or groups), you will have more control to show as text-only or using available user’s profile pictures with the visual ‘pill’ formatting.

ID:70673  Tags: – GCC High, GCC, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), DoD  Release: January CY2021

Microsoft Teams: Simple Periodic Review For Guest Users

Enable Teams IT admin to schedule a periodic reviews on guests across Teams, discovers every Team that has one or more guests, and triggers a review process for each.

ID:70674   Tags: Microsoft Teams –   Release: March CY2021

Microsoft Teams: Zero Touch Provisioning For Teams Devices

This will allow Remote Provisioning of Teams Android devices from Teams Admin Center.

ID:70675   Tags: Microsoft Teams –  Release: March CY2021

  • Microsoft Teams: Role Based Access Scoping On Devices Category

This feature allows you to delegate admin roles to specific members.

ID:70676  Tags: Microsoft Teams –  Release: February CY2021

Microsoft Teams: Enhancement To App Usage Report  –  Support For Line Of Business Apps

Line of business type of Apps were added to the Teams Admin center App usage reports.

ID:70677  Tags: Microsoft Teams –  Release: February CY2021

Outlook For Android: Weather

Weather in Outlook for Android gives you the latest weather information based on your current location and indicates the forecast on all calendar views except monthly (Agenda, Day, 3 Day and Week).

ID:71042  Tags: Outlook – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)  Release: February CY2021

SharePoint: Site Collection Level Permissions For Microsoft Graph

Applications can now use the new “Sites.selected” permission to request access to SharePoint sites.  By default an application that requests “Sites.Selected” instead of a tenant wide permission may not access any SharePoint sites. The tenant administrator can grant or revoke an application’s access to individual sites through new endpoints in the Microsoft Graph API.

ID:76685  Tags: Microsoft Graph – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant) Release: January CY2021

Forms: Specific User Sharing for Response Collection

Microsoft Forms owners will now be able to send out a survey to collect responses from specific users or security groups. (You now have the new option in the “Send to Collect Responses” dropdown menu to select that “Specific people in my organization can respond.”

ID:79246  Tags: Forms – GCC High, GCC, DoD Release: February CY2021

Rolling Out

Microsoft 365 Admin Center: Insider Risk Management Solution Available for Government Clouds

The following Insider Risk Management features will be rolling out to Government clouds: Office indicators (Teams, SharePoint sites, email messaging) – Used to determine a risk score for a user; Data theft by departing users and general data leaks policies – Used to define risk activities that you want to detect and investigate; Ability to access and investigate insider risk management alerts; Ability to investigate insider risk management cases with content explorer; Ability to action on insider risk management cases with notice templates and escalate for investigation for Advanced eDiscover.

ID:64187    Tags: Microsoft 365 Admin Center, Microsoft Compliance center – GCC, GCC High Release: January CY2021

Microsoft Information Protection: Data Loss Prevention For Microsoft Teams

Data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities in Microsoft 365 government clouds will be extended to include Microsoft Teams chat and channel messages, including private channel messages. If your organization has DLP, you can now define policies that prevent people from sharing sensitive information in a Microsoft Teams channel or chat session.

ID:65383   Tags: Office 365 Data Loss Prevention, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Information Protection – GCC  Release: January CY2021

OneDrive: Move And Keep Sharing

Business users can choose to keep sharing with collaborators when they move their files between shared libraries or from OneDrive to a shared library.

ID:65907   Tags: OneDrive – GCC, GCC High, Germany, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), DoD, All environments   Release: September CY2020

Forms: Text Formatting (Bold, Italicize, and Underline) In Forms And Quizzes

Bold, Italics, and Underline (text formatting) in Forms are now available to help survey/quiz designers emphasize and differentiate content with hierarchy. Consistent with Office 365 products, users can select the text format in a floating tool bar or use shortcuts (e.g. control/command).

ID:68894    Tags: Forms – GCC High, GCC, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), DoD  Release: January CY2021


Microsoft Teams: Task Publishing And Reporting For Frontline Workers

Task publishing and reporting features will include several manager and team member experiences specific to targeting, assigning and completing activities, in addition to features for headquarters reporting. The Task publishing experience for central offices includes corporate audit view to track tasks across FLW locations; frontline manager desktop view with reporting and filters; frontline worker mobile view to review tasks assigned.

ID: 59719  Tags: Microsoft Teams – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant) Release: January CY2021

Outlook On The Web: Admin Control To Remove The Option To Search For GIFs When Composing A Message

We are providing admin controls to remove the option for users to search and insert a GIF using the native controls in the ribbon.

ID: 64237 Tags: Exchange, Outlook – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant) Release: January CY2021

Microsoft Lists: Updated Person Column Experience: Built On SharePoint

Items within a Person column, in and out of Quick Edit mode, will appear using the new “pill” design format when a person’s photo is displayed. Select one or more people to add to a Person column quickly and they appear with an updated look.

ID: 67095   Tags: SharePoint – GCC, GCC High, Germany, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), DoD Release: January CY2021

Visio: Copy Diagrams Across Visio Files In Visio For The Web And Microsoft Teams

Copy your shapes and diagrams across Visio files opened in Visio for the web or Microsoft Teams to extend, merge, or modify the diagram, and to create new ones.

ID: 67116   Tags: Visio – GCC, GCC High, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), DoD   Release: September CY2020

Visio: Self-service Purchase Capabilities For Visio

Microsoft is enabling individuals and teams to purchase some Microsoft Visio product directly with their business domain. Self-service purchasing capabilities will allow individuals worldwide (excluding India) to acquire a subscription for Visio Plan 1 and Visio Plan 2. Self-service purchase capabilities are not available for customers who are eligible for Government or Education offers.

ID: 67124   Tags: Visio – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)  Release: September CY2020

Office 365: Translate In Word, Excel And PowerPoint

Translate is coming to Word, Excel and PowerPoint for DoD customers.

ID:67173   Tags: PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Office 365 – DoD   Release: November CY2020

Microsoft Compliance Center: Advanced eDiscovery – Collect And Review Encrypted Content Attached To Local Copy In Exchange

Now eDiscovery managers will be able to collect and review content encrypted with Microsoft encryption technologies and attached as a local copy to an email in Exchange using content search, core or advanced eDiscovery.

ID: 68704 Tags: Microsoft Compliance center – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)  Release: November CY2020

Microsoft Compliance Center: Records Management – Regulatory Records

Provides customers the ability to declare items in SharePoint Online as regulatory items. These labels are more stringent label vs record labels. Targeted to Financial services or other industries who have WORM compliance requirements. Will update the Cohasset assessment to include SharePoint Online.

ID: 68712  Tags: Microsoft Compliance center – GCC, GCC High, DoD  Release: January CY2021

Microsoft Compliance center: CJK or Double-Byte Character Support For Advanced eDiscovery

This update adds support for adding CJK or Double-byte characters to Advanced eDiscovery review sets.

ID: 68713  Tags: Microsoft Compliance center – GCC High, GCC, DoD Release: December CY2020

Microsoft Teams: EHR Connector For Virtual Visits In Healthcare

The Microsoft Teams EHR connector let’s patients schedule and join the virtual visit from within their electronic health record (EHR) system’s patient portal. Providers can schedule and launch the visits from within the EHR provider portal. Integration with Epic is currently supported by the Microsoft Teams EHR connector, with other EHR systems coming soon.

ID: 68865  Tags: Microsoft Teams – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)  Release: December CY2020

Microsoft Information Protection: Data-at-Rest Encryption For Microsoft 365 (Preview)

Data at rest encryption for Microsoft 365 provides customer key based encryption across multiple M365 workloads. Tenant administrators can configure a single data encryption policy using customer managed keys and assign it to the tenant. Doing so will start encrypting all new data across the following workloads (and more workloads coming soon) from the point of creation of these policies: “Microsoft Teams Files · Teams Chat Messages (1:1 chats, group chats, meeting chats and channel conversations)”, “Teams Media Messages (images, code snippets, videos, wiki images)”, “Teams Chat Notifications” and, “Chat Suggestions by Cortana Exchange Online (includes existing data)”

ID: 68922 Tags: Office 365, Microsoft Information Protection – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)  Release: January CY2021


Security and Compliance Center: Advanced eDiscovery Tenant Reports In Preview

The Advanced eDiscovery tenant reports feature aggregates information around custodians, data sources, communications, and cases. You can filter your view based on various criteria and export the aggregated information for further analysis.  This feature is being postponed and will be added back to the roadmap when the timing is solidified.

ID: 60435  Tags: Office 365, Microsoft Information Protection – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)  Release: January CY2021

Microsoft Teams: Share System Audio On Mac

{This is a duplicate of 67168 and will be removed from the M365 Roadmap.} This will allow Mac desktop users to include audio when sharing their Desktop or Window during a Teams meeting. Once enabled, any audio that is playing on the user’s machine will be shared in the live event for participants to hear.

ID:68941  Tags: Microsoft Teams – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)  Release: January CY2021