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Microsoft’s Word Cloud for Polls feature in Teams makes collecting data easier for meeting organizers. This new feature quickly collects the top text phrases attendees answered for the polls. Check out this new feature in Teams today.

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Outlook: Text Predictions on Android

Outlook can suggest words and phrases as you compose messages. When Outlook offers a suggestion, swipe to accept it.

ID: 88478 Tags: Outlook – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant) Release: December CY2021


SharePoint admin center: site creation source

SharePoint admins will now be able to see where sites were created from – be it PowerShell, via the SharePoint admin center, from Teams, from SharePoint “Create site” – and to be able to see more clearly who created the site.

ID: 68813 Tags: SharePoint – DoD, Germany, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), GCC High, GCC Release: December CY2021

Microsoft Teams and Forms: Word Cloud for Polls in Teams

When users have collected responses for an open text poll in a Teams meeting, word cloud data insight will be available to help them get a quick view on the top text phrases people answered.

ID: 79497 Tags: Forms, Microsoft Teams – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant) Release: December CY2021

Microsoft Teams: Share Feedback in mobile app

Share your feedback directly from the Help & Feedback option in Settings, without the need to send an email message. Admins will now be able to control elements such as sharing email addresses and logs from the mobile app.

ID: 84004 Tags: Microsoft Teams – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant) Release: September CY2021

OneDrive: New OneDrive Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) Tool

The new Microsoft OneDrive Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) Tool allows K-12 and higher education institutions to integrate OneDrive and Office 365 with their learning management system (LMS). This tool allows educators and students to add and create OneDrive files, collaborate on Office 365 documents, and create and submit assignments within their learning management system. It brings the latest and greatest of OneDrive and Office 365 to our learning management system customers.

ID: 88830 Tags: Office 365, OneDrive – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant) Release: December CY2021


Microsoft To Do: List Prediction

This item is cancelled and removed from the roadmap but will be republished when the plans solidify in the future. As you add tasks, Microsoft To Do will suggest what list, the task should go to.

ID: 64659 Tags: Microsoft To Do – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant) Release: December CY2021