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New in Teams for GCC High and DoD! Government users can now configure and customize their notification settings through a newly designed notification settings section.

In Development

Microsoft Teams: Touch Bar Meetings Controls for Mac

Teams Meeting controls for MacBooks with Touch Bars that allow users to mute/unmute, start/stop video, open sharing tray, open the view participants panel and raise or retract their hand.

ID:68906    Tags: Microsoft Teams – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), DoD, Germany, GCC High, GCC  Release: January CY2021

Microsoft Teams: Sensitivity Labels for GCC, GCC-H, and DoD Clouds

Regulate who can access teams in your organization. Sensitivity labels created in the security and compliance admin center can now be used to control the privacy and guest access settings of the team. Users can select the appropriate label when creating a new team.

ID:68907    Tags: Microsoft Teams – DoD, GCC High, GCC   Release: January CY2021

Microsoft Information Protection: Office 365 Advanced Message Encryption – Email revocation by end user

As part of Office 365 Advance Message Encryption, we are extending the email revocation capabilities to the end user. Previously, you had to be an admin to revoke an already sent message; with this update, end users will have this capability as well.

ID:68908     Tags: Microsoft Information Protection, Outlook – GCC High, GCC  Release: January CY2021

Outlook: Outlook on the web – Share to Microsoft Teams

Send a copy of email messages or conversations, including attachments, into Teams chats and channels or start a Teams chat related to a specific email message. When sharing to Teams from Outlook on the web, a popup window will appear to confirm to which channel or person you want to share, you can also select whether you want to include attachments or not.

ID:68909   Tags: Exchange, Outlook – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)  Release: March CY2021

Microsoft Teams: GCC support for devices management in Teams Admin Centre.

Teams Admin Centre enables effective management of Teams. Now, our customers who have tenants in the GCC environment can also manage their Teams devices from the Teams Admin Center. Admins can now control the entire lifecycle of their Teams devices which include an increasing variety of supported device types – IP Phones, Collaboration bars, Teams displays, Teams Meeting Room devices.

ID:70660   Tags: Microsoft Teams – GCC   Release: December CY2020

Microsoft Teams: Education Policy Wizard

A dedicated Education policy package that easily apply policies for a safe learning environment

ID:70661    Tags: Microsoft Teams – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)  Release: December CY2020

Microsoft Teams: Share System Audio on Mac

This will allow Mac desktop users to include audio when sharing their Desktop or Window during a Teams meeting. Once enabled, any audio that is playing on the user’s machine will be shared in the live event for participants to hear.

ID:70662    Tags: Microsoft Teams – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)   Release: January CY2021

Microsoft Teams: Simplified Global Notification Settings for GCC-High and DoD

Government users can now configure and customize their notification settings through a newly designed notification settings section.

ID:70663    Tags: Microsoft Teams – DoD, GCC High   Release: March CY2021

Outlook for Android: Sync contact sub folders as category labels

Your Outlook contacts and subfolders in Outlook for Windows or on the web will labeled with a contact category based on the name of your contact sub folder and synced to Outlook for Android.

ID:71507    Tags: Outlook – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), DoD, GCC High, GCC  Release: January CY2021

Yammer: Azure AD B2B guest support in Yammer (Public Preview)

AzureAD-B2B guest support in Yammer communities will be available in public preview. Invite guests to your Yammer community and facilitate rich conversations between members and guests of a Yammer community.

ID:73902    Tags: Yammer – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)   Release: December CY2020

Forms: Default alert policies for phishing activities added to Microsoft 365 security and compliance center

We are now adding Microsoft Forms’ phishing activities alert (for blocked forms and users due to confirmed and suspicious phishing) to the default alert policies in Microsoft’s Security and Compliance Center (SCC). If there is any user restricted from sharing forms and collecting responses from Microsoft Forms because of confirmed phishing activities, or any form identified/detected as phishing form, IT admins will receive an alert in the SCC Alert center.

ID:76911   Tags: Forms – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)  Release: January CY2021

Microsoft Planner: Sync Message Center posts to Planner – Government Clouds

Microsoft is introducing Planner integration for the Message Center to help with workflow management. Lots of information arrives in the Message Center, and you need to decide whether to act on it or not. And if an action is needed, who performs that action, and how do you track that task to completion? Or maybe you want to make a note of something and tag it for later. You can do all of this and more when you sync your Message Center to Microsoft Planner.

ID:77441    Tags: Planner – GCC High, GCC, DoD   Release: February CY2021

Rolling Out

Microsoft Lists: comments – built on SharePoint

Add/delete a comment on list items to collaborate and share insights on individual items.

ID:64169    Tags: SharePoint – GCC High, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), Germany, DoD, GCC    Release: December CY2020

OneDrive: Exclude specific files from sync

Admins can exclude newly added files from syncing to the cloud by file name or extension

ID:66188    Tags: OneDrive – GCC High, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), Germany, DoD, GCC  Release: December CY2020

Microsoft Teams: Link thumbnail preview in Assignments

Thumbnail preview gives students a quick preview of a linked resource before clicking through to the material.

ID:66565   Tags: Microsoft Teams – GCC High, DoD   Release: December CY2020

Microsoft Teams: End-of-meeting notifications

Microsoft Teams will provide an informational notification to tell users when there is 5 minutes in the scheduled meeting time. It will be triggered for all schedule private and channel meetings and will not cause the meeting to end automatically.

ID:67122    Tags: Microsoft Teams – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), GCC   Release: December CY2020

Forms: Specific User Sharing for Response Collection

With this update, Microsoft Forms owners will now be able to send out a survey to collect responses from specific users or security groups. (You now have the new option in the “Send to Collect Responses” dropdown menu to select that “Specific people in my organization can respond.”)

ID:67157    Tags: Forms – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)  Release: December CY2020

Cortana: Briefing Email support for Spanish

This personalized, actionable briefing email from Cortana, automatically delivered to your Outlook inbox to help you start the day on track and stay on top of tasks, will support Spanish.

ID:68695    Tags: Office 365, Cortana – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)  Release: December CY2020

Microsoft Compliance center: CJK or Double-byte character support for Advanced eDiscovery

This update adds support for adding CJK or Double-byte characters to Advanced eDiscovery review sets.

ID:68713    Tags: Microsoft Compliance center – DoD, GCC High, GCC   Release: December CY2020

Microsoft Teams: Theme and icon updates

We’re updating the Teams default and dark theme background colors and icon set to align with the overall Microsoft 365 design vision.

ID:68721   Tags: Microsoft Teams – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)   Release: November CY2020

Microsoft Teams: Add document libraries, pages or news to a channel in Teams via the new SharePoint tab

Team members can now use the SharePoint tab experience to pin any page, news, list or document library as a separate tab in their Teams channel, Just go to the “+” button from any channel in Teams, select SharePoint and start pinning resources that your team needs to collaborate better.

ID:68860    Tags: SharePoint, Microsoft Teams – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)  Release: December CY2020

Microsoft Teams: EHR connector for virtual visits in healthcare

The Microsoft Teams EHR connector let’s patients schedule and join the virtual visit from within their electronic health record (EHR) system’s patient portal. Providers can schedule and launch the visits from within the EHR provider portal. Integration with Epic is currently supported by the Microsoft Teams EHR connector, with other EHR systems coming soon.

ID:68865    Tags: Microsoft Teams – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)  Release: December CY2020

Microsoft Search: Dynamic height for results

Improvements to results with Microsoft Search in SharePoint and will introduce dynamic height previews to support the results descriptive text and deliver preview images.

ID:68877    Tags: Microsoft Search – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)   Release: December CY2020


SharePoint: Active time spent reports on SharePoint Site Usage

You can now get reports with aggregated data on the amount of time that users are spending on your intranet sites

ID: 57159  Tags: SharePoint – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)  Release: November CY2020

Microsoft compliance center: Records Management in Microsoft 365 available in Government cloud

Records Management in Microsoft 365 enables government customers to manage recordkeeping obligations intelligently. This update restructures capabilities that were previously part of the Advanced Data Governance solution and provides you with a dedicated and specialized solution for records management, with new features including proof of disposal, record versioning, and enhanced record immutability.

ID: 63063   Tags: Microsoft Compliance center – GCC High, DoD, GCC   Release: December CY2020

Microsoft Teams: Time clock in Shifts for web & desktop

Time clock, the ability to clock in and out of your shifts, in Shifts in Teams will be available on web and desktop.

ID: 64782    Tags: Microsoft Teams – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)   Release: July CY2020

Microsoft Teams: Customizable Praise Badges

Ability to create custom Praise badges (title, colors, images, language) that expresses company culture.

ID: 64978    Tags: Microsoft Teams – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)   Release: December CY2020

Microsoft Teams: Virtual Breakout Rooms

Meeting hosts can create breakout rooms to be used by meeting participants for smaller group discussion. They can assign participants to a room and call them back to the larger group when the breakout is complete.

ID: 65332    Tags: Microsoft Teams – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), GCC Release: December CY2020

Microsoft Teams: Multi-Window Chat

Users will be able to pop out individual Teams chat conversations into a separate window, to help them streamline their workflow and more easily move between ongoing conversations.

ID: 65602    Tags: Microsoft Teams – GCC High, DoD, GCC   Release: July CY2020

Advanced eDiscovery: Supporting linked content from OneDrive and SharePoint Online (modern attachments)

To help streamline discovery of linked content, Advanced eDiscovery natively groups linked content from OneDrive and SharePoint Online in the same family as the original Outlook email or Teams and Yammer chat message—streamlining the process of collecting, reviewing, and exporting the related content without additional configuration.

ID: 66185    Tags: Yammer, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Microsoft Compliance center, Office 365, Exchange – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant) Release: September CY2020

SharePoint: Site Performance Page for Site Owners and Editors

The Site Performance Page will be available for the site home page under site settings on modern SharePoint sites. It will display results from the Page Diagnostics for SharePoint tool and the information will be available within SharePoint. If the Page Diagnostics for SharePoint tool is run on the published and the latest draft version of a page it allows comparison of the two to see that the page health is improving.

ID: 66196    Tags: SharePoint – GCC High, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), Germany, DoD, GCC  Release: December CY2020

PowerPoint: Live Captions and Subtitles in PowerPoint for GCC and GCC-High

Live Captions and Subtitles enables presenters to turn captions or subtitles on in 60+ languages, while presenting in 10+ spoken languages with PowerPoint for Windows 10, macOS, and Web. Note this release is for our GCC and GCC-High tenants, and does not yet include DoD environments.

ID: 66205    Tags: PowerPoint – GCC High, GCC    Release: October CY2020

Microsoft Teams: new Teams meeting pre-join experience

We are improving upon the pre-join meeting experience for Teams meetings. The new pre-join screen includes easier discovery for audio, video, and device selection configurations before joining a Teams meeting.

ID: 67089    Tags: Microsoft Teams – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), GCC  Release: November CY2020

Microsoft Teams: Enable tenant administrators to configure masking of PSTN participant phone numbers

For customers with Audio Conferencing enabled for their Teams meetings, we are providing the ability for tenant administrators to define how Audio Conferencing participants’ phone numbers appear in the roster view for meetings scheduled within their organization: masked to external users, masked for everyone, or off (visible to everyone).

ID: 67091    Tags: Microsoft Teams – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), GCC Release: December CY2020

Microsoft Lists: ‘Quick Edit’ is becoming “Edit in grid view”

When you want to bulk edit lists items in a list, you would click the ‘Quick edit’ button in the top action bar. We are renaming this button to read. “Edit in grid view.” It will bring you to the same experience to quickly update list items in bulk within the existing grid view.

ID: 67136    Tags: SharePoint – DoD, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), Germany, GCC High, GCC Release: September CY2020

Microsoft Project: Export to Excel

Export your project grid into an Excel spreadsheet. Share this information with colleagues so you can analyze your Project data.

ID: 67149    Tags: Microsoft Project – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)  Release: December CY2020

Microsoft Teams: Full screen support in new meetings experience

In Full screen mode, the meeting window fills up the whole screen, the title bar on the top and task bar on the bottom of the window hide. On Windows OS, the taskbar is hidden in Full screen mode.

ID: 67171    Tags: Microsoft Teams – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), GCC Release: November CY2020

Microsoft Information Protection: Configure external sharing for sensitivity labels in Teams and SharePoint sites

With this update, you can set controls on external sharing while configuring a Team or site protection policy. This new external sharing control is granular. For example you can set a very restrictive one for a Team or site labeled ‘confidential’—restricting sharing with people outside the organization or set a very relaxed one for a Team or site labeled ‘general’—allowing anyone with a link to access without requiring sign-in.

ID: 68700    Tags: Microsoft Information Protection – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)   Release: December CY2020

Microsoft Edge v.87: Reset your Microsoft Edge sync data in the cloud manually

We are introducing a way to reset your Microsoft Edge sync data from within the product. This ensures that your data is cleared from Microsoft services, as well as resolving certain product issues that previously required a support ticket.

ID: 72361    Tags: Microsoft Edge – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)  Release: October CY2020


Microsoft Teams: Outlook Email Integrations

Teams-Outlook Email Integrations make it easy to share information between email and chat with three new features: Share email to Teams – Share an email from Outlook, including any attachments, to a channel or chat in Teams. Share conversation via email – Share a Teams conversation via email without leaving the app. Reply to missed activity emails – See the latest messages and respond to Teams missed activity emails from within Outlook.   This item was partially launched, the remaining features are listed in Roadmap item 71265.

ID: 57389   Tags: Microsoft Teams – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)    Release: March CY2020

Microsoft Project: Project for the Web – Export to Excel

{This is a duplicate of 67149 and will be removed.} Export your project grid into an Excel spreadsheet. Share this information with colleagues so you can analyze your Project data.

ID: 61297   Tags: Microsoft Teams – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)    Release: December CY2020

Microsoft Project: Receive Email Notifications

{This is a duplicate of 67152 and will be removed.} Switch on to receive notifications about changes to your projects.

ID: 66608   Tags: Microsoft Project – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)  Release: April CY2021

Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams EHR connector

[This is a duplicate of 68865 and will be removed.} The new Microsoft Teams EHR connector will allow clinicians and patients to launch a virtual patient visit or consult with another provider in Teams directly from their electronic health record system.

ID: 68728   Tags: Microsoft Teams – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)   Release: November CY2020

SharePoint admin center: OneDrive settings

{This item is a duplicate of 65911 and will be removed.} To align with administration integration and consolidation, we’ve moved a number of the OneDrive settings into the SharePoint admin center. Admin will find settings for OneDrive storage limits, notifications, retention for deleted users and sync – all within the SharePoint admin center under “Settings.”.

ID: 68814   Tags: SharePoint – DoD, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), GCC High, GCC   Release: December CY2020

Microsoft Project: Deploy to different environments

{This is a duplicate of 67156 and will be removed.} Organizations have more flexibility in how they deploy Project. In addition to using Project in the Default environment, you can now use it in Named Environments.

ID: 71034   Tags: Microsoft Project – Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)  Release: March CY2021